Curt Headington

Chris Van Gerpen

Curt Headington and Chris Van Gerpen are both avid hunters actively engaged with their business, C&C Land Management, in all things related to conservation. Anthem Archery and C&C Land Management have a mutual focus on quality deer management and support of archers and bowhunters locally, nationally and worldwide.


Zack Harless

Bowhunting became my passion when at age 12, my dad introduced me to deer hunting and I harvested my first whitetail. That excitement has grown over the years as I’ve also hunted bear and turkeys with a bow. My involvement in the archery industry has allowed me to help enthusiasts to be successful, both in their desire to acquire the best archery equipment and to help them shoot it effectively. Every day I look forward to assisting the beginner shooter to get the right set-up from the start and to helping the seasoned shooter with fine-tuning their hand-picked equipment. I invite you to stop into Anthem Archery to become not just a customer, but a friend.