Both Curt and Jon have hunted ever since they were young, and over the years have developed a great love for bow hunting. For Curt, it all started as he followed his grandfather around as a kid, hunting raccoons in the woods. For Jon, it began as he explored and later began to hunt in the woods near his Wisconsin home. Both Curt and Jon’s true love for bow hunting has continued to grow stronger ever since. They have extensive knowledge about the equipment, set up, and ultimately hunting strategy that can make or break hunters in the field, gained over a lifetime of hunting. Curt has been part of Easton’s Bow Hunting Pro Staff for the past 4 years, and has hunted extensively in the US and Canada with consistent success on trophy caliber animals. Jon has also enjoyed success in the field. Archery and more specifically bow hunting is a passion for both. Curt and Jon love to introduce new people to the sport, especially youth, and enjoy the fulfillment and self-confidence that it brings them. As owners of Anthem Archery, both Curt and Jon want to provide Anthem’s customers with exceptional service, raising the bar on what can (and should) be expected from an archery shop.